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Floor: First Floor

Year Created: 1890

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Men’s Clothing Brand in Turkey As Kiğılı, we are men’s clothing brand favored by a modern, rational and successful men in Turkey. We continue to be indispensable to the city’s professionals with our innovative vision that defies years and with our world-class collections. We take a pioneering role with the innovations we bring to the fashion sector, and we present trends to men’s liking by interpreting them with our own lines. Offering options for different age groups, our collections give men the most comfortable clothing experience every day of the week. Suits that enable you move freely in a busy business meeting; casual designs that offer comfort on a Sunday breakfast, the most stylish tuxedos for special occasions, or the tricots that warm you up for a ski holiday are some of the factors that enrich your Kiğılı experience. 225 stores in 67 provinces of Turkey 101 sales points in 21 countries worldwide 6.500.000 units’ production per year 150,000 units’ shipment per week 50.000 m2 store area 2,500 employees Today, we provide service with 225 stores in 67 provinces of Turkey, and a total of 26 sales points in Austria, France, Cyprus, Iraq, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Kosovo. We send over 150,000 pieces per week to nearly 300 sales points that spread all over the world. As Kiğılı, we aim to be one of the top 10 global brands that come to mind in terms of men’s wear while working with the vision of being one of the world’s fashion giants. And also; we are continuing our efforts in abroad to be perceived as ‘Brand of Turkey’ instead of ‘Made in Turkey.’