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Floor: Basement Floor

Year Created: 1960

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basics in a small workshop in 1960 by Ahmet Ziylan thrown FLO Retailing, today is the undisputed leader of Turkey’s shoe market. FLO Mağazacılık, which employs more than 9,700 and indirectly close to 30,000 people, sells 55 million pairs of shoes annually. Reaching almost every point with Turkey’s Store FLOOR, nearly 500 stores in the country, while abroad, serves over 100 stores in 20 countries. 

The sales points of the multi-brand sneaker concept IN Street within the body of FLO Mağazacılık also strengthens FLO’s sales network and increases its spread. As a result, constantly open new stores FLO Retailing, Turkey and in the region as of the end of 2019 near abroad has more than 600 shops. In addition to retail brands, FLO Mağazacılık also has leading shoe brands such as FLO, Kinetix, Polaris, Lumberjack, Butigo, Dockers by Gerli, Mercedes, which they sell and wholesale in their stores.